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Days of Our Lives Spoilers for Friday, December 27 DOOL Ubdate

Spoilers show drama unfolds at Basic Black when Nicole’s grief over Eric goes off the rails. She misses him but knows her mess up cost her their future. If only she told him about the baby. Oh well, nothing to do now but make out with someone else, right? She shocks Brady by pulling him in for a sultry kiss. Will he kiss her back?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: New Year’s Eve Twist Brings Back Dead Jordan Ridgeway?

There’s some persistent DOOL chatter that this time surge could be reversed making it even crazier than it already is. If so, then Jordan Ridgeway might not be dead. And that means Ben Weston’s not facing death row for real. Sounds strange, right? But, it’s Salem.

The spoilers for Days of Our Lives time jump promised it hit near Halloween. But there’s a big NYE twist also promised. So, could it be that a lot of this unwinds? There’s a sinister plot with Dr Rolf and Stefano DiMera. But is all this real? Is Adrienne Kiriakis really dead or not?

It could be that Jordan Ridgeway and the others are alive and well and somewhere else. Remember the Salem Stalker plot? Lots of characters “died” but not really. They were all in Melaswen. So, Days of Our Lives did strange unwinds before. So, they could unravel this and bring back Haley Chen and the others.

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC.

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