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Days of Our Lives Spoilers For Spoilers March 13 – 20 Next 2 Week

Days of our Lives spoilers know Stefano won’t give up and tells Chad to get the family together. He does as told and then again attacks both Kate and Gabi. Wait to see how long it takes people to notice that Chad’s not himself and is Stevano’s tool. Soon, Days of our Lives spoilers show Stefano’s endgame.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Stefano DiMera – Chad DiMera

Days of our Lives recaps show Ben Weston is alive, but how long will he remain in prison? Because Evan’s playing games and wins a legal victory. Since Ciara Brady held him at gunpoint, he may say she coerced his confession. Then, Days of our Lives spoilers promise Evan talks to Clyde Weston in prison – and they know each other. Later, Clyde tells Ben that Jordan Ridgeway met Evan because of him. So, his actions led to her death. And baby David Ridgeway’s remains missing on Days of our Lives.

Although Days of our Lives spoilers confirm Princess Gina vowed to fight them, Kayla Brady oversees the medical procedure. They take the chip out of Gina’s brain despite her pleas to Rolf. Then, Hope awakes to find out she lost a year of her life. Also, Days of our Lives spoilers predict Hope spirals as she learns she almost killed Jennifer Horton and all the other havoc she wreaked as her royal highness.

So watch the next two weeks to see Xander Cook bask in what may be his last romantic moments with Sarah Horton. Because once she learns Xander stole a baby and lied to her, Sarah may go cold on him instantly. Don’t miss Xander Cook’s romantic proposal, then Sarah Horton’s shock when the ugly truth comes out on the NBC soap.

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