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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Thursday, September 5 DOOL Ubdate

While those four celebrate life, Victor decides it’s time for someone in this town to die. He puts a hit on Ben to keep him away from Ciara once and for all. He gives the orders to Xander but does he really have what it takes? Sure, Xander is one tough dude but Ben is a serial killer and that if that murderous instinct comes back he could blackout and take down both men. And why is this suddenly Victor’s concern when he hasn’t obsessed on it before?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Julie Williams Needs a Heart

Another sign from Days of Our Lives spoilers that Stefan DiMera’s about to go is Julie’s heart crisis. Already, Gabi is sick with regret. It was tense when Ciara Brady and Ben Weston told Gabi that Julie collapsed. Stefan and Gabi swapped a look because they knew it was bad news.

Now, Gabi’s feeling guilty, particularly when she hears Julie needs a heart and can’t even get on the UNOS transplant list. Plus, upcoming official spoilers say that Gabi must make a heart-breaking choice. And the new Fall promo (see below) have Gabi collapsing in tears all alone without Stefan DiMera.

And the Fall action also says that Vivian drags Stefan into her revenge plan and it turns bad. With Robin Strasser set for a run of about 15 episodes, the latest chatter is that Stefan DiMera’s death happens while she’s still on screen which means sometime this month. Several sources confirmed Brandon is done and Days of Our Lives spoilers of his exit are spot on. But is there hope?

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