Days of Our Lives Spoilers

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Confirming about the news Eric left

There are rumblings that the dual actor might leave his role on the NBC Sud sir. This chatter comes after talk that the actor may relocate to Charlotte. North Carolina to be close to lady love Angie Harmon. Actress lives full-time and NC, so perhaps Greg is considering relocating there.

However, since he shares custody of his kids with his ex-wife, that might not be practical. of course, there’s the matter of his contract with Days of Our Lives. He’s still under contract for quite a while to play Eric Brady. So it’s doubtful the actor would commute 3,000 miles if he moved to the southeast. So fans can breathe easy for now there are no signs pointing to Eric and his portrayal leaving Salem in DOOL.

DAYS spoilers recall eric’s love life is never blissful, it seems he always falls for the same woman as his brothers. First, there was Nicole whom Brady black staked a claim on even though she was first with Eric. Now, of course, there’s Sarah she’s married to Rex for the moment anyway.

Since the actor him plays Rex Brady raps next month and the actress that plays Sarah is in a long-term contract. There might be a chance that hunky Erik wins Sarah. However, as of now the ex-priest remains unlucky in love. But that could change soon once Nicole is revealed as a fake and Rex stitches Salem. Keep watching to see what’s next for lonely Eric Brady and actor Greg.

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