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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Confirming about the news Eric left

Days of our lives spoilers reveal Eric considers making a big change, to say Eric added rough last few months is an understatement. The return of his soulmate Nicole Walker was not a joyous Reunion. Rex brady’s woman in fact, his bad luck was further compounded when Rex and Sarah Horton asked him to marry them.

With so many things in his life going badly, Erik Brady thinks a change might do him good. But this has fans asking if Eric Brady portrayer Greg Vaughn is leaving days of our lives. Here’s what we know about both the characters and actors future on the NBC soap.

Spoilers confirm Eric Brady thinks a change will do him good, one obvious change Eric should consider is his current living situation. Sharing an apartment with his brother and his new wife needs to stop. Especially since he’s in love with Rex’s bride. There Three’s Company gig needs to end time for the newlyweds to get their own place to call home.

Maybe Eric Brady’s job is the change, Caroline Brady’s death could change his role in the family business. One last option is a return to the priesthood, because, Eric never got over the church kicking him out. Now he has proof to get reinstated, so maybe he feels called to serve again, any of these changes would improve his quality of life, say Days of our lives spoilers. cotinue reading on the next page —>

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