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Days of Our Lives Spoilers For April 6-10 Next Week Ubdate

Days of our Lives spoilers for April 6-10, 2020, reveal Steve in crisis, Eric and Sarah’s world crashing in around them, and so much more. Knowing that there is no other way to purge her ex-husband of the malignant influence of Stefano DiMera, Kayla readies herself and Steve, for brain surgery.

But aside from an assist by Sarah and her operating room team, Kayla is going in solo thanks to Dr. Rolf’s refusal to permanently banish his beloved employer. During the delicate procedure, a complication arises and it forces Dr. Johnson to make a split-second decision that could forever alter Steve’s physiology. Spoilers warn that Steve’s awakening is accompanied by a hitch but they also promise that he will indeed recall his Sweetness and the love that they shared.

Having obtained proof positive that baby Mackenzie is indeed Brady and Kristen’s daughter, Nicole braces herself and tells Eric all. He finds the news overwhelming but he also rejects Nicole’s proposition that they simply remain quiet about the discovery. Instead, he insists that the secret must be revealed – and he wants to be the one to tell Sarah.

To that end, he sets off to locate his ex, finds her preparing to walk down the aisle, and reveals that her intended orchestrated the baby switch! While Sarah is left to process the bombshell, Eric decides it is now time to tell Brady the truth about his baby girl – right as the man in question appears. In other Salem news, Marlena awakens from her own brain surgery and shares a tender kiss with John.

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