Days of Our Lives Spoilers

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Steve’s return looms, Anna attack Stefano saves Tonny’s life

Days of our live spoilers Stefano Tamara will face a shocking injury Stefano and Marlena Evans’s nuptials are coming up. But the devious Tamara won’t end the evening with the bride of his dreams total mayhem will break out instead and it’ll lead to a significant wound for Stefano

Once John black pulls off a dramatic rescue Stefano will be livid there’ll be some heated moments with Tony Demara and the aftermath which will put Tony’s life on the line dais spoilers say Stefano will prepare to kill Tony but Ana Damaris certainly won’t stand for that it hasn’t been that long since Ana finally got her beloved Tony back

Ana will catch Stefano off guard with a makeshift weapon her stiletto before Stefano can take Tony out of this world ana will rush at him with her high heel Stefano will turn just in time to get his eye poked out ana will be trying to knock Stefano out cold.

But she should be fine with this outcome stopping Tony’s murder will be all that really matters as for the eye part and I should enjoy watching Stefano suffer of course we have to point out that this isn’t really Stefano.

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