General Hospital Spoilers Wednesday, August 3 , G&H

GH spoilers for Wednesday, August 3, 2022, reveal strange times at Wyndemere, a teen needing help, true confessions, and an addict who could use some help. You won’t want to miss an action-packed moment of this new episode.

Ava Jerome Cassadine didn’t mean to push Esme Prince off the Wyndemere parapet, but we could see that moment coming a mile away. As Ava pointed out to Nikolas Cassadine, she went over the parapet and lived so Esme can show up at any moment. And so can the police.

Hence, Ava and Nikolas aim to get their stories straight and Ava puts on a high-cut shirt that hides the bruise Esme gave her during their catfight on the floor. Nikolas thinks Esme gave her the perfect motive for murder, but they can’t tell the police a thing about it.

They also look like they are interrupted when Spencer Cassadine calls to announce he has been arrested and Nikolas has a whole new set of problems to deal with.

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