General Hospital Spoilers Tuesday June 14, G&H

Josslyn assures Trina that Spinelli is their best bet and they shouldn’t worry, while Spinelli wonders how he is going to fix this mess for Carly’s daughter and her friend. Will Sam McCall and Spinelli team up or will she continue to help Dante Falconeri learn all they need to know about Cody Bell, something they do tomorrow.

The camping trip is on for Hamilton Finn, Gregory Chase, Jake Webber, Aiden Webber, Violet Finn — and the PC Pioneers. In fact, they run into everyone’s favorite scout, Wyatt Hoover, who four years ago came across Peter August tied to a bed and did nothing to help him.

Of course, all Finn can do is obsess over Elizabeth Webber. Elsewhere in the woods, Maxie Jones seems to have changed her mind as she joins Austin Gatlin-Holt for an adventure in Pautuck.

Esme’s evil daddy Ryan Chambserlain, demands results. The legacy villain is ecstatic that his evil spawn seduced Nikolas Cassadine. However, he’s livid that Ava Jerome still doesn’t know about Nik’s betrayal. The teen she-villain tries to convince her deadly daddy that she’s playing it smart and taking her time.

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC.

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