General Hospital Spoilers Thursday, June 16, G&H

At Charlie’s Pub, their substitute Tan-O, Nina relays her surprise about him kissing her the way he did and questions why he really did it. Will Sonny think fast on his feet and cover for himself or will Nina walk right on out in disgust?

Over at Jake’s Bar, which now looks like the Tan-O, Josslyn Jacks and Trina Robinson are nearly arrested, but Joss knows if Trina ends up in jail, she will be in even more trouble than she already is. Therefore, she asks the cops to take her and let Trina be.

That poker game at The Savoy is about to cause a lot of trouble for Curtis Ashford and may cause Brad Cooper to seek more antacids. Brad tells Selina Wu they have trouble in the back room and that trouble is named Cody Bell.

Meanwhile, there is even more trouble named Linc Brown and Brook Lynn Quartermaine as these two are about to clash. Brook Lynn looks like she causes more trouble than she planned as Harrison Chase tells her they are now in a worse position than when they started.

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC.

Mary Stone

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