General Hospital Spoilers Next Weeks Spoilers For August 9-13, G&H

General Hospital Spoilers for August 9 – August 13, 2021, tease Nikolas Cassadine choosing to see the good in his very bad son, and Harrison Chase debating whether to listen to the angel or the devil on his shoulder.

Nikolas is thrown when Alexis Davis tells him that Ryan Chamberlin has been able to correspond with the outside world via help from Lorraine Miller, AKA Harmony. At the duo’s request, Harmony shows them some of Ryan’s missives…and Nikolas finds one addressed to Spencer Cassadine.

Despite Alexis’s advice that he do nothing with this newfound information, Nikolas confronts Spencer and demands to know if he and Ryan are in cahoots. Spencer refutes the allegation – despite it being true – and expresses disappointment that his father could believe him capable of conspiring with a serial killer.

When Chase tells Austin Gatlin-Holt that he intends to clear the way for Willow Tait Chase and Michael Corinthos to reunite, the doc offers up an alternate plan of action: remain in the mansion, keep up the pretense of not knowing about his wife’s affair, and help him search for proof that he’s entitled to a share of the Quartermaine estate.

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