General Hospital Spoilers Next Two Weeks January 17-28, G&H

General Hospital Next 2-week spoilers promise Esme Prince puts her wicked plot into motion. And the teens are in danger in episodes that air January 17 – 28 on GH. Also, a villain makes a discovery while another falls apart. Now, get a glimpse into the drama to come over the next two weeks with brand-new ABC soap opera spoilers.

GH updates see Esme Prince gets her way at last. Soon, Esme and the teen group embark on their trip to Sonny Corinthos‘ cabin in the woods. No doubt, it’s the perfect setting for Esme Prince to cause trouble on General Hospital.

In the week after next, Esme and boyfriend Spencer Cassadine hit the road. Also there’s Josslyn Jacks and her boyfriend, Cameron Webber. But Spencer and evil Esme Prince have another along with them.

That’s Trina Robinson. She decides to go as well. It’s no secret Esme Prince can’t stand Trina because she threatens her. Recently, we saw Esme with a bottle of pills in her hand. So, Esme may drug poor Trina.

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