General Hospital Spoilers Next Two Weeks For September 6- 17, G&H

Later, Maxie Jones gets a call from Jasper Jacks at an inopportune time. Jax is in Nixon Falls soon and may call Maxie on Nina’s behalf and tell her about the fire. And this may be in the middle of the “Jarly” nuptials, suspect General Hospital spoilers.

General Hospital spoilers see Maxie can’t handle being away from baby Louise any longer. And soon, she may call off her plot with Brook Lynn Quartermaine and take her baby back. Maxie reaches a turning point with Brook Lynn. She might decide that she can’t do this anymore, and they need to give up their plan.

However, she might get news on Peter August and reconsider at the last minute. Elsewhere, Valentin Cassadine gets a worrying call and tells Anna Devane. So, this may involve Peter, suspect General Hospital spoilers. So, it looks like the baby swap con lives on for now.

GH spoilers find Drew Cain plotting to escape the prison he’s in. Currently, Drew is working with Chloe Jennings, who is also a prisoner there. So, they might reach a point soon where they can put their escape plan into action.

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