General Hospital Spoilers Next Two Weeks For September 6- 17, G&H

General Hospital spoilers promise Nina Reeves is a wreck as Sonny Corinthos‘ life hangs in the balance in the two weeks, September 6 – 17. Meanwhile, a major event kicks off, and an old face returns on GH. Check out what to expect over the next two weeks with the freshest ABC soap opera scoops.

GH spoilers confirm something horrifying goes down at the Tan-O where Sonny Corinthos works and lives now. Soon, Nina Reeves tries desperately to keep things from getting worse. Recent General Hospital spoilers suspected a fire would break out at the Tan-O and that means Nina might be at risk – as well as Sonny. And it seems like that’s exactly what happens.

Sonny shows up at the bar and is horrified by what he sees. Then, the situation at the Tan-O becomes desperate, and later, Nina anxiously awaits word. More spoilers say Sonny gets trapped inside the burning building as Nina Reeves frets. So, it looks like Sonny Corinthos’ life is at risk on General Hospital.

No doubt, Nina Reeves will be beside herself about Sonny. And Nina will likely be full of regret because she didn’t tell Sonny Corinthos that she loves him. But, perhaps, Nina will admit her true feelings to Sonny while he’s fighting for his life. Is Mike about to get his shot with Nina? Or will this trauma cause his Sonny memories to resurface just as Nina’s about to tell him she loves him on General Hospital?

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