General Hospital Spoilers Next Two Weeks For September 13-24, G&H

Anna knows her nephew could be alive, but she truly believes Alex is dead. So, Anna Devane will be horrified if she learns that her evil sister is still out there, promise General Hospital spoilers.

General Hospital spoilers show Harrison Chase moves on and soon puts the past behind him. Chase heads to the Q mansion to drop off a gift for Monica Quartermaine. No doubt, to thank her for opening her home to him while he recovered.

But, while Chase is there, he might run into Willow Tait and her man Michael Corinthos. Spoilers say Chase reconciles with “Millow.” So, it appears that instead of holding on to anger, Chase is the bigger person.

Plus, he grows closer with Brook Lynn Quartermaine. So, now that he’s letting Willow go, he may have a future with BLQ sometime soon. Later, Willow discusses her future with Michael on General Hospital.Then, Olivia Falconeri gives her husband, Ned Quartermaine, a piece of her mind. Liv flips out when she learns Ned was not entirely honest with her.

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