General Hospital Spoilers Next 2 Weeks May 30 – June 10 GH

General Hospital next 2-week spoilers find Britt Westbourne spinning out of control. And she only gets worse in the two weeks of May 30 – June 10 on GH. Elsewhere, someone faces a test while another gets the goods on a villain. See what lies ahead over the next two weeks on the ABC sudser.

Next week on GH, someone pushes Britt Westbourne’s buttons. And there’s a good chance it’s a Cassadine that angers Britt. Currently, she is fed up with Spencer Cassadine. And his father, Nikolas Cassadine also. In Britt’s eyes, Nik and his son Spencer think they can get whatever they want by dropping cash or the Cassadine name — or both.

And Britt Westbourne is sick of it, see General Hospital spoilers. Soon, she lashes out during a function at the Metro Court pool. Chances are, Britt rages at Spence or Nik. Then, she demands detective Dante Falconeri arrests someone. But the drama doesn’t stop there. Later, Britt’s bestie Brad Cooper starts to worry about her.

So, he teams up with Britt’s mom Liesl Obrecht. And they hold an intervention for her. But, it doesn’t seem to work because Britt later calls her lawyer on General Hospital. So, things are about to get extremely messy for Britt. However, a new man comes into her life this summer. And things begin to get better.

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  1. I would Sonny and Carly back together And Michel apologize to his Dad And get rid of Nina Sonny need to step up and be a man like he used to be love Sonny and Carly

  2. I think sonny need to apologize to Michael and his family for the way he acted before he gets back together with Carly. I would rather Carly and Jason get together and let Nina and sonny run into the sunset because sonny leaving the show. I want it all to be Nina fault.

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