General Hospital Spoilers Next 2 Weeks May 23 – June 3 G&H

Elsewhere, Trina Robinson gets closer to Rory Cabrera. And things get awkward when Portia Robinson and Trina’s dad, Marcus Taggert, walk in on them. Coming up in the week after next, on General Hospital, Nina Reeves’ visitation hearing comes to a close. And the judge’s verdict causes an uproar.

Things may not go in Nina’s favor because she takes off. And Sonny Corinthos starts to worry when he can’t contact her. But then, the kingpin discovers something. Meanwhile, Carly Corinthos gets the test results and finally learns the truth.

No doubt, Carly will be horrified to learn that Nina is, in fact, Willow Tait’s birth mother. But, the big question is — will she tell Willow the truth? Chances are, she will think she’s helping Willow if she keeps the truth from her. And she may stay quiet, tease General Hospital spoilers. As Carly struggles with what to do, Willow and her man Michael Corinthos, come to terms with the judge’s decision.

Then, Willow makes a big decision of her own and confides in Carly. She may decide she doesn’t want to find her bio-mom after all. And that could let Michael’s meddling mom off the hook, suspect General Hospital spoilers. Later, there’s more ELQ drama as Drew Cain discusses the ELQ/Aurora merger with Michael.

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