General Hospital Spoilers Next 2 Weeks June 27 – July 8 G&H

As Trina fears the worst, Curtis Ashford and his father Marshall Ashford work to find evidence against Esme. But, if Trina’s support system can’t find proof in time, she could very well go to prison. Elsewhere, Britt Westbourne opens up to Dr. Kevin Collins. But, someone interrupts, and Britt gets a surprising item.

Next week, on General Hospital, Nikolas Cassadine finds himself in a world of trouble. Soon, teen villainess Esme threatens to spill about their night of passion if Nik doesn’t meet her demands.

Recently, Kevin terminated the teen’s internship at Spring Ridge. He hopes to keep her away from his evil twin brother Ryan Chamberlain (also Jon Lindstrom). Soon, she tells Nik to pull strings and restore her access to her insane daddy. Otherwise, she will tell Nik’s wife, Ava Jerome, about their steamy night, confirm General Hospital spoilers.

No doubt, Nik will do what she wants to keep his secret safe. Elsewhere, Sonny tries to get answers out of Nina. Then, Cody Bell imposes on Michael Corinthos and his girl Willow Tait. Also, Drew Cain is in hot water with Carly Corinthos. Plus, Alexis Davis goes at it with Gregory Chase. And Harrison Chase struggles as he fears his days as a cop are over on GH.

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