General Hospital Spoilers Next 2 Weeks June 20 – July 1 G&H

After all, Chase was defending her. Later, Brook Lynn turns to her “uncle” Sonny Corinthos for help. Then, perhaps, she asks the kingpin to pull some strings to help Harrison Chase, suspect General Hospital spoilers.

In the week after next, Sasha Gilmore is a bundle of nerves before her Deception appearance on TV. As she starts to panic, shady paparazzo Felty shows up. And, surely, Felty will offer Sasha drugs to take the edge off, believe General Hospital spoilers. Of course, she’ll be tempted so she can make it through her stint on the Home and Heart channel.

And it looks like Sasha takes Felty up on his offer. Soon, things go sideways when the Deception ladies appear at Home and Heart. Later, Sasha’s husband, Brando Corbin (temporarily Brad Schmidt), makes a hard choice about his wife. So, Brando may put Sasha in rehab against her wishes, suggest General Hospital spoilers.

Also, Drew Cain soon makes Nina Reeves a business offer. And later, Drew has a lot of explaining to do to Carly Corinthos, who’s livid that Drew plans to work with Nina. Later, Carly has a tense run-in with her ex-husband Sonny. Then, the mob boss tries to get Nina to tell him what’s wrong, promise General Hospital spoilers.

Mary Stone

After earning a BA in Communications, Mary began his professional career in the Barre Red Barons’ front office. He later worked as a print sports writer. Mary became a state licensed school teacher, the author of the children’s book Maddie: Teaching Tolerance with a Smile, and a credentialed sports columnist. He’s also been a longtime soap opera loyalist.

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  1. Gaye Terry says:

    I don’t know if I’m just wasting my time or wasting your time it’s a draw I’m sure. However I would like to know why I am watching General Hospital three days in a row the same damn show! I have been a totally dedicated fan of General Hospital, but this is turning me sour against the producers!!!!

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