General Hospital Spoilers Next 2 Weeks June 13 – 24 G&H

General Hospital next 2-week spoilers see Cody Bell‘s past in question. And we soon learn a lot more about the newbie in the two weeks of June 13 — 24 on GH. Also, a legacy character is in trouble, and a fan fave gets awful news. See what’s ahead in the next two weeks on the ABC daytime drama.

Next week on GH, Cody Bell’s childhood pal Dante Falconeri wants answers. The PCPD detective wants to know what Cody has been up to since losing touch years ago. So, Cody opens up to Dante, and more comes to light about Cody. Later, Dante and his girl Sam McCall find out who Cody Bell knows in Port Chuck.

And they are in shock. General Hospital spoilers promise that Cody has several connections in town that will stun everyone. Elsewhere, Brad Cooper tries to make up with Britt Westbourne. But he isn’t being honest with his bestie. Plus, as summer kicks off on General Hospital, Britt gets closer to Cody.

Also, Britt flips when Spencer Cassadine turns to Brad for help. Britt is still livid with Spencer and can’t forget the awful things he said to her. In other drama, Anna Devane puts Valentin Cassadine on the spot. And she is curious about Val’s plans with his father, Victor Cassadine. Will he tell her the whole truth?

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