General Hospital Spoilers Friday, June 24, G&H

When we see Jordan Ashford, she mentions that something might not be worthy of charges. Does that mean Chase is off the hook? When Dante Falconeri sees a battered and bruised Cody Bell, he asks what happened, but Cody doesn’t want to talk about it.

That prompts Dante to start talking about their past together, another thing Cody hedges as that looks like it will remain a secret for a while. Finally, Britt Westbourne and Brad Cooper make amends after he created that viral gif file, but Britt admits she has some ulterior motives with her peace offering.

GH daily spoilers for next week find Michael Corinthos plotting his next move on Sonny Corinthos. Mikey is bent on taking his dad down. He wants to dismantle Sonny’s empire piece by piece. And he’s using newbie Dex to do it, recall General Hospital recaps.

Sonny thinks Dex works for him, but he actually works for Michael. So, Sonny is clueless and can’t fight back because the threat comes from inside. Sonny’s ex-wife Carly Corinthos, doesn’t know all the details. But, she feels their son has every right to be angry and out for vengeance. Next week, Carly runs into Sonny and tries to avoid him.

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC.

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