General Hospital Spoilers Friday, July 1, G&H

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, July 1, 2022, reveal special requests, special favors, and so much more. You won’t want to miss a dramatic moment of this new episode.

It’s almost time for Sasha Gilmore Corbin to appear on a talk show and her life becomes more emotional and stressful by the moment. As she constantly thinks of her own lost baby, she can’t handle the fact that Willow Tait is now pregnant. So when Felty comes calling, she asks for a quid pro quo. She will get him a press pass if he will get her some pills.

Meanwhile, the television appearance might go south for even more reasons as Maxie Jones and Lucy Coe frantically make sure there is enough product on hand to promote Deception.

Why Esme Prince thought that hitting up a rookie cop would once again gain her access to Spring Ridge is beyond us, but she is not giving up just because Rory Cabrera is not the friend she wanted him to be. Instead, she goes to Nikolas Cassadine and asks him to help her. If he doesn’t, she just may have to tell Ava Jerome Cassadine their big secret.

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