General Hospital Spoilers For Wednesday, September 15, G&H

Elsewhere at General Hospital, Elizabeth Webber Baldwin tells Terry that whatever she wants to do, she’s in. Hopefully, this isn’t something that will make things worse for poor Britt, who is trying to be a better person.

GH spoilers also reveal that Ned Quartermaine is a great father as he tries to discuss Leo’s developmental issues with Olivia Quartermaine. After his rather frank talk with Austin Gatlin-Holt the other day, he knows the doc is worried too. Will he be able to get Olivia on board?

Sam McCall has gone all the way to the facility where her mother, Alexis Davis, is being held but she’s not there to see her. Instead, she’s with Dante Falconeri, intent on following up on a lead about Drew Cain. She tells Harmony to just tell her she had nothing to do with it. But does she get anything useful out of her?

Because Drew could sure use all the help he can get. He was trying a big escape but he got caught by some guards. They get to talking (as all villains do), and he thinks he’s figured out who the big boss is! Will this help — or is this information that could put him in bigger danger?

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC.

Mary Stone

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