General Hospital Spoilers For Wednesday, July 21, G&H

Portia Robinson confides in Terry about her romantic issues with Curtis Ashford, which leads Terry Randolph to tell her the only place to be is at The Savoy. Will they take their conversation to his new club? Speaking of Curtis, he gives romantic advice to Brando Corbin. He tells the young man that he has to tell Sasha Gilmore what he wants, even if he might lose what he has.

Sasha is seeking advice too — from her ex, which may not be the greatest idea she’s ever had. She talks with Michael Corinthos and tells him she’s not so sure she wants Brando to be involved with her baby. After all, he seems to be getting more and more involved with his mother’s mob business. Will Michael take that well? Hmm.

Michael has his own issues now that the woman he loves is married. But don’t worry too much, Michael. Things aren’t looking so good there. Harrison Chase isn’t handling his disability and physical therapy very well and takes his frustrations out on his wife, Willow Tait Chase. He tells her he can’t be her husband. He may not want to use that particular threat cause it just might make her day.

Newly released Shawn runs into Stella Henry, giving her the shock of her life. When she recovers, she tells him to get out of her way. She is not happy to see him and she will let him know that with both barrels blazing.

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC.

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