General Hospital Spoilers For Next 2 Week June 28-July 2 G&H

General Hospital spoilers report Alexis Davis‘ legal quest causes huge problems for her in Pentonville in the two weeks, June 28 – July 9. Meanwhile, a new couple suffers a setback while a shocking truth is dangerously close to coming out on GH. Check out what to expect over the next 2 weeks with the newest ABC soap opera scoops.

GH fans know Alexis Davis is in deep trouble for trying to help Shawn Butler. Alexis is bent on proving Shawn’s innocence. Of course, Alexis doesn’t want Shawn spending more time in prison for a crime he did not commit. However, Alexis Davis’ quest for justice comes at a price.

On General Hospital, things are looking pretty grim for Alexis Davis. She opened her mouth to the wrong guard and Alexis is now in solitary confinement. No doubt, this is torture for Alexis, and she struggles quite a bit soon.

On the outside, Alexis’ daughter Sam McCall is worried about her mom’s well-being. Though Alexis Davis wants to clear Shawn’s name, he may be right. The consequences for his and Alexis’ loved ones might not be worth it. However, Alexis will not give up that easily, predict General Hospital spoilers.

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