General Hospital Spoilers For Next 2 Week July 19-July 30 G&H

General Hospital spoilers see Michael Corinthos, and secret love Willow Tait find it difficult to hide their relationship in the two weeks, July 19 – 30. Elsewhere, several other secrets are on the verge of exploding on GH. Check out what to expect over the next two weeks with all-new ABC soap opera scoops.

GH spoilers promise Willow Tait finds it harder to conceal her love for Michael Corinthos. Soon, Harrison Chase takes his frustrations out on Willow, so she may run to Michael upset. And the detective also overdoes it in physical therapy on General Hospital and it could be why he lashes out at Willow.

This might become more than Willow Tait can bear, and she needs comfort from Michael Corinthos. No doubt, Michael will comfort Willow. But, then, Michael might give in to his feelings for Willow and may end up in bed with her again. It’s been a struggle every time Willow is near Michael and can’t touch him on General Hospital.

Of course, Willow Tait must be careful because if she keeps turning to Michael Corinthos, then Chase will learn the truth. And Willow is legally married to the detective, remind General Hospital updates. So Willow is technically cheating with Michael when they give in to their passion. When Chase finds out about Willow loving Michael, the fallout will be disastrous for the paralyzed detective.

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