General Hospital Spoilers For Monday, September 20, G&H

That information must be kept on the down-low because Olivia Quartermaine isn’t the least bit upset about that — she is angry to learn that Ned Quartermaine has not been entirely honest with her. Does he finally open up about his fears with Leo’s recent behavior and his belief that Austin really is looking out for Leo?

Willow Tait and Michael Corinthos Quartermaine share a moment, with her telling him he is truly the best man. One who may beg to differ is Harrison Chase, who drops off a gift for Monica Quartermaine but he runs into Brook Lynn Quartermaine instead. He tells BLQ he wouldn’t trade that time for anything. Are these two growing closer?

General Hospital spoilers confirm Sonny Corinthos makes his way home soon. Currently, “Mike” is fighting for his life. And when he comes to, he might wake as Sonny Corinthos. At first, the amnesiac may be confused as to where he is and what’s happening. But, then, all the memories of his life as a mobster may come rushing back.

But, he will most likely still remember his new life in Nixon Falls. So, of course, he is sure to be confused and overwhelmed. And he might be livid with Nina when he realizes she’s been hiding him from his family. But, deep down, he may still love her.

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC.

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