General Hospital Spoilers For Monday, August 30, GH

Anna continues to be quite busy, as she gives Dante Falconeri the file on Drew Cain’s plane crash. He looks it over and immediately calls Sam McCall, telling her there’s something in the report she needs to see. Does this mean this plot will move forward already? It’s time to bring Drew home!

Jordan Ashford warns Jason Morgan that Cyrus Renault could be planning something sinister. He asks her if she’s sure his sources are good. Meanwhile, Carly Corinthos talks with one of the associates about Joey Novak and warns he’ll soon find out why Jason has the reputation that he has.

Lucy Coe and Sasha Gilmore deal with Gladys Corbin’s demands at Deception while the rest of the staff is elsewhere. Brook Lynn Quartermaine arranges for Maxie Jones to spend time with baby Bailey. She’s shocked when she realizes a guy is so into Maxie. Is it Austin Gatlin-Holt? Or someone else?

However, that may not be a good thing. Soon, Jason Morgan gets a warning about Cyrus Renault. Apparently, Cyrus is still a threat even in prison out West. Recently, the villain put a hit out on his sister. Laura Spencer.

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC.

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