General Hospital Spoilers For Monday, August 30, GH

General Hospital Spoilers for Monday, August 30, 2021, reveal a plot to rid the world of a psychopath, a new lead on an old issue, a warm reunion, and so much more. You won’t want to miss a shocking moment of this new episode.

Smike has had a bad feeling ever since he first met Peter Sinclair and he knows that Nina Reeves does not trust him. But worse, he got the feeling that Peter knows who he really is. Not one to mince words or cushion requests, he asks Peter, more like yells at him, if he knows who he is. Will Peter spill Nina’s secret?

She sure hopes not as Nina and Liesl Obrecht work together to tie up a few loose ends in their plot to solve the Peter Problem. Nina sees Peter and when he continues twisting the knife as he taunts her that crossing him will cause her to lose everything, she sweetly tells him she wouldn’t dare cross him.

When Obrecht encounters a determined Anna Devane, the subject of Peter August comes up and Anna tells her frenemy that she’s not giving up until she finds him — dead or alive. No worries, Anna — Obrecht is going to do her part to make sure it’s the former as she finalizes the last touches on her Peter plot.

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