General Hospital Spoilers For Friday, September 10, G&H

Her son, TJ Ashford, is blindsided when he learns of his mother’s condition. He remains by her bedside, begging her to stay with him and get better. Her condition is also on Portia Robinson’s mind. She is also in the hospital, having inhaled a great deal of gas too, but all she wants is to know how Jordan is.

Brook Lynn Quartermaine has been trying to be a good mom to little Louise, but that doesn’t stop her and Maxie Jones from clashing over what is best for baby ‘Bailey.’

Maxie has a few choice words for her frenemy that sets her off, causing BLQ to ask Maxie if she’s implying that she’s a bad mom. Uh oh!Gladys Corbin is worried that her son Brando Corbin may be taking on too much.

After all, he’s gotten gal pal Sasha Gilmore pregnant and now has to provide for them when she would rather he provide for her. Will she be able to continue being a priority as his family grows?

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC.

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