General Hospital Spoilers for Friday, August 13, GH

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, August 13, 2021, reveal a ghostly presence, a new focus, kids behaving badly or at least hoping to, and so much more. You won’t want to miss a shocking moment of this new episode.

Carly Corinthos was left alone at home and rather than talk out her concerns about her upcoming wedding with the moss or Josslyn Jacks’s cast-aside dolly, she’ll continue talking to Ghost Sonny, asking him if recent developments had kept him away. As is apt with Carly’s world, he’ll probably tell her he loves her and everything she does is right.

The real McCoy, in the meantime, continues to trip the night fantastic in Nixon Falls under the name of Smike. He and Nina Reeves are feeling optimistic about the future. In fact, he wants to make long-term plans. Will Nina jump on board with this Fantasy Island excursion, or will her conscience get the better of her? Odds are good that Fantasy Island it is!

Jasper “Jax” Jacks has been fuming about how Carly and Jason Morgan have been putting his daughter in danger and how he finally gets to confront Jason. As an anxious Britt Westbourne looks on, Jax begs him to end this thing with Carly before someone gets hurt. If he did, it’d be a win/win for him and Britt…but not so good for Carly.

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