General Hospital Next Two Weeks Spoilers August 2-13, G&H

General Hospital spoilers promise Spencer Cassadine throws a party at Wyndemere in the two weeks, August 2 – 13 that may bring disaster. This may put the party guests in danger thanks to his thoughtless actions. Meanwhile, someone lashes out, and several secrets could come out at any moment on GH. Take a peek at the drama ahead with the latest ABC soap opera scoops.

GH spoilers report Cameron Webber helps Spencer Cassadine get ready for the college scene party he’s throwing at Wyndemere. General Hospital fans recall that Trina Robinson pressured Spencer to throw a party after he lied to her. Of course, Spencer wants to stay in Trina’s good graces.

So, Spencer Cassadine is going all out. However, the party may take a dangerous turn. General Hospital spoilers suspect Ryan Chamberlain could make an appearance. Of course, Ryan is stuck in Spring Ridge prison. And he supposedly suffers from locked-in syndrome. However, fans know Ryan is capable of anything. And Spencer’s actions may have provoked him…

There is an excellent chance on General Hospital that Ryan is fooling everyone, and he might make a move soon. Surely, there is a reason he’s in the same facility as Alexis Davis. And Alexis’ chat with Nikolas Cassadine in front of Ryan means something. Plus, Ryan is sure to be annoyed if he thinks Spencer is posing as him.

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