General Hospital Spoilers Tuesday, March 14, 2023

She is more impatient than ever and tries to speed up the plans to bring Victor down and go back to her regular life. Anna and Valentin are going to have to think fast to stop her before she makes the whole situation worse.

Meanwhile, Maxie’s plans for the Nurses Ball are not going as she would have hoped, so she now has to recruit Brook Lynn to help in order to get some talent on that stage.

The guilt has become too much for Cody so he had to tell someone that Mac is his bio dad, but it would be both too simple and too hard to inform Mac of what is going on so he tells Dante instead.

Of course, Dante wants him to come clean with Mac because it’s only fair, but Cody defends himself by coming up with excuse after excuse for why he lied and why he wants to continue to lie. He also wonders where Dante has room to talk since he is also keeping a big secret that has only been alluded to for months now.

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC.

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