General Hospital Spoilers Tuesday, March 14, 2023

General Hospital spoilers Tuesday for March 14, 2023, have things not going as planned for Carly and Drew. General Hospital spoilers reveal thwarted plots, extreme impatience, guilty feelings, and so much more. You won’t want to miss a moment of this exciting episode.

Drew is stunned when Laura tells him she won’t sell him Charlotte’s ELQ shares under any circumstance. First, with Valentin being alive, she has no legal right to do so, but she doesn’t tell Drew that. Instead, she is put on the spot and has to think of a good excuse for her refusal. Drew is left not knowing what to do because his whole plan of allowing his relationship with Carlyto go public hinged on kicking Valentin out of the company.

Little do Carly and Drew know that Nina is now aware that they engaged in insider trading but is keeping it all a secret so as to not ruin any burgeoning relationship with Willow. However, Carly is set to once again tick Nina off and that could result in Nina changing her mind. Ava did plant the seed that Nina now has a weapon if she ever decides to use it.

Lucy has been working Anna and Valentin’s last nerve and now it looks like things are going to be worse than ever since Lucy knows there is going to be a Nurses Ball and she is not there to plan it. All of Port Charles believes she is dead, so Maxie is taking over this year and the thought of that is driving Lucy insane.

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