General Hospital Spoilers Thursday, March 16, 2023

Nina is feeling better about life of late as Willow was actually cordial to her and updated her on her health and she knows that Willow has a chance to live thanks to her Aunt Liesl. She also knows a secret about Carly and Drew that she is keeping in her back pocket in case she ever needs to use it.

However, she is about to get a reality check about her boyfriend and his way of life when Sonny tells her all about the shootout at the warehouse. Does he mention Dex was injured, and will Nina start to rethink how she is handling her relationship?

As for Liesl, she was happy to be able to help Willow, but GH spoilers say she voices her regret and also is forced to tell Nina there may be a problem. Is she unable to donate her bone marrow?

Cameron tries to give Josslyn her own wakeup call about what life with Dex will be like, asking her if she wants to have a life of bodyguards like her mother did, and Joss is not quite sure what to say. Finally, Alexis sees Gregory slurring his words, but he insists that he is not drunk. Will he open up to her about his health issues?

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC.

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