General Hospital Spoilers Monday, September 19, G&H

At the Metro Court pool, Josslyn Jacks is still thinking about her two close calls with The Hooker, but she also has a very uneasy feeling and tells Trina Robinson that she feels someone is watching her. Will she learn that Dex Heller has been assigned to quietly protect her?

Portia Robinson can’t get what Curtis Ashford said about honesty out of her head. She asks him if Jordan had not kept him in the dark about TJ Ashford’s kidnapping, would he and Jordan still be together, and Curtis’ answer disturbs her.

Could this be because Portia knows she is as much of a liar as Jordan? Elsewhere, Alexis Davis and Gregory Chase spar again, but this time Gregory has a fascinating proposition. Carly Corinthos’ past is still haunting her, and she faces a new fight.

Her surprise stop in Jacksonville, Florida, opens a lot of old wounds. Recently, Carly ran into Peyton Honeycut. Peyton is the mother of Carly’s childhood friend, Charlotte Reese Roberts. Longtime General Hospital fans know that Charlotte supposedly died in a car wreck after finding Carly in bed with her father.

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC.

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