General Hospital Spoilers Monday, December 5, G&H

Now that Holly Sutton is on her way to finding her son without Victor Cassadine breathing down her back and Valentin Cassadine has made Sonny a business offer, we can now return to our regularly scheduled programming of trying to bring Anna Devane home.

Robert Scorpio tells Olivia Quartermaine the entire sad Holly tale and Olivia is surprised at how loyal Robert is to his ex. As for Valentin, he hears that Mac Scorpio might have a lead on how Anna was set up and demands information. Will the Scorpio brothers finally believe that Valentin really does want to help?

Britt Westbourne is starting to come to terms with her diagnosis and the fact that she may be incapacitated within a year due to Huntington’s Disease. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t have plans for what to do with the time she has left, and Britt informs Austin Gatlin-Holt that she is ready to leave Port Charles.

Cody Bell remains confused as to why Britt has suddenly turned on him and does his best to get her to tell all. He knows there is more to the story than how he only seemed to think of that darn necklace.

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC.

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