General Hospital Spoilers Friday, March 10, 2023

Drew really does believe that Valentin is dead, and he can get Ned back all of ELQ now. If he does that, will Ned stop his threats, or is he still so angry at the way Michael and Drew treated him that he won’t let up?

Carly’s daughter Josslyn has her own secret relationship with Dex, and so far, they haven’t done much more than have sex with one another. However, GH spoilers say that they are about to have a night of romance. Will Josslyn learn more about Dex’s past?

Cody is still keeping his own secret about his relationship to Mac. He made a split decision to lie and say the DNA tests proved that Mac was not Cody’s dad, but as Cody has gotten to know Mac better, he has come to regret that choice.

When Cody and Mac spend some friendly bonding time with one another, does the guilt get the best of Cody? Can he keep this secret forever, or is it time to finally tell Mac the truth?

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC.

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