General Hospital Spoilers For Tuesday, January 17, 2023

General Hospital spoilers reveal tender moments, sheer confusion, mystery-solving, and so much more. You won’t want to miss a moment of this exciting episode.

Nina’s jaw was on the floor when Carly told her that Willow is her daughter, meaning she had twins all those years ago while in a coma. Her shock then turned to anger and that anger turned to sadness when Willow rejected her. Still, Nina is determined to save her daughter and now has to await the news on her bone marrow test.

At least she has Sonny there to lend his support as he tries to wrap his head around everything that is going on. How does he really feel knowing that Carly kept this secret from Nina for nine months, longer than Nina kept his identity a secret in Nixon Falls?

Elsewhere in the hospital, GH spoilers say that Michael is dismayed. Does he ‘tsk tsk’ his mother for her lies or let loose on her? Chase and Sasha are also dismayed — about Willow’s condition, so they head to the hospital to see how she is. When Sasha and Willow talk, something Willow says makes Sasha wonder if she will purposely reject Nina’s bone marrow.

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