General Hospital Spoilers For Monday, January 23, 2023

General Hospital spoilers reveal surprise encounters, sneaking suspicions, plans revealed, and so much more. You won’t want to miss a moment of this dramatic new episode.

Elizabeth thought she was finished with her parents after she left California, but then Jeff arrived for a few days to try to make amends, and now Carolyn is in town to surprise Elizabeth. None of this bodes well for her complicated life.

She just had to tell Violet that she was not getting back together with Finn, and now she has to deal with her mother. On top of that, she still is hiding a major secret with Nikolas, but it looks as if he might not be as saddened as Elizabeth that Carolyn is there. Perhaps Liz should watch what she says around her friend.

As for Nikolas, he still wants Esme’s baby and asks Laura to support him in that quest. Laura does not think this is a good idea at all, but she hasn’t heard Spencer’s idea yet. Sonny has enough on his own mind with his Carly, Willow, and Nina problems, but he also took in his nephew and wants to be a father figure for him. To that end, he is absolutely stunned when Spencer presents him with a big surprise.

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