General Hospital Spoilers For Friday, January 20, 2023

General Hospital spoilers tease that everything is finally getting to one man, a no-longer-couple needing to do some explaining, an unpleasant surprise, and someone getting vulnerable. You won’t want to miss a moment of this emotional episode.

Michael has had to deal with a lot in the last few weeks. He found out the woman he loves and is pregnant with his child kept the fact she was fighting cancer from him, that the woman they both can’t stand and blame for all that is wrong with the world is her mother, and that his mother knew and kept the secret from them both — for months on end.

Considering how much Michael hates secrets (especially when he’s not the one keeping them), is it any wonder that he’s been teetering on the edge? Well, don’t expect that to last much longer because GH spoilers reveal that on Friday’s episode, he unleashes his anger on Carly for playing G-d with Willow’s life!

Michael’s life isn’t the only one that’s a mess these days because of a secret. But in Nikolas’s case, he was the one keeping the whopper. Of course, that’s what Cassadines do, so it looks like he isn’t the only one in the family, as it looks like Nik is shocked by Uncle Victor’s actions.

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