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General Hospital Spoilers Wednesday, April 20, G&H

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, April 20, 2022, reveal things getting heated in Kelly’s between Cameron Webber and Spencer Cassadine. You won’t want to miss an emotional moment of this new episode.

Cameron Webber knows full well that Spencer Cassadine believes that Trina Robinson is innocent and that Esme Prince made that sex video, but they devised a plan between them. The question is, will Cameron follow through? He is ready to tell Josslyn Jacks and Trina the truth when Spencer walks back into Kelly’s and Cam tells his friend if he doesn’t tell them the truth, he will.

That’s when the tension reaches new heights as it looks like these two friends are going to assault one another. Is that all part of the plan? Possibly, but did they intend to do it with a cop nearby? That can spell big trouble for both of them, as they have each been in trouble with the law before.

Over at Wyndemere, Esme is still putting on her sweet girl act for Nikolas Cassadine, who offers the young lady some encouragement. Esme also wonders if Nikolas has changed his mind about her. Sam McCall and Carly Corinthos are also on the Trina case as Carly asks Sam if she was able to get anything out of Dante Falconeri that could help Trina.

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