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General Hospital Spoilers Next Weeks January 10-14, G&H

General Hospital spoilers for January 10 – January 14, 2022, tease a perfect example of best-laid plans, a signal of rapprochement, and so much more. This will be a week you don’t want to miss!

Elizabeth Webber Baldwin’s plan to hit the town with manfriend Hamilton Finn hits a major snag, thanks to the mysterious reappearance of the wedding ring she removed and tucked away inside a kitchen drawer.

The burgeoning couple brainstorms how the band of gold migrated hither and yon, and the conclusion reached is that one of Liz’s sons found it, and slipped into her jacket pocket. Liz interprets the happening as a bad omen and begs off going on her and Finn’s date – which Finn reluctantly accepts.

Marshall has made it clear that he wants a chance to make up for past mistakes, and a chance to move forward, and Curtis Ashford has likewise made it clear that the only way for that to happen is for his absentee pops to come clean about his reasons for abandoning the family…and it seems that Marshall is finally ready to capitulate. But will the truth truly set father and son free?

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