Days of Our Lives Spoilers

Days of Our Lives Spoilers For Monday, July 19, DAYS

Days of Our Lives Spoilers for Monday, July 19, 2021, tease a major party foul, a marriage torn asunder, a long-overdue catfight, and more.

Xander Cook, never one to let a little thing like being held for questioning by the local constabulary keep him from a party, crashes the soirée being held in honor of Eric Brady and his wife of one year, Nicole Walker Brady, and informs the man of the hour that he’s come to know Nicole in the biblical sense!

DAYS spoilers reveal that Eric asks Nicole if Xander’s accusations are true…and she’ll do something that Nicole isn’t known for — she’ll tell the truth! The disillusioned missionary will make for the nearest exit, leaving behind a stunned assemblage — and his wife. Of course, running out on Nicole seems to be what he’s good at these days.

Nicole, in turn, lashes out against Sami Brady DiMera for orchestrating her downfall – here’s hoping that a multi-tiered cake is nowhere in the vicinity because if Nicole and Eric’s wedding ceremony is any indication, the two women will wind up atop it.

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