Who Is The Voice Of Katara In Avatar ?

Katara’s Character- Katara is a female water-Bender means she has capabilities to manipulate water. She belongs to Southern Water tribe in which everybody is a water Bender, but she is the last water bender alive, as Fire nation had attacked and vanished her tribe. She was saved by her mother as the last water bender and her mother dies while doing so. She and her brother Sokka rescued Aang from the iceberg and now they both join him in fight against the imperialism by Fire Nation. She is keen to improve her skills as Water Bender. Later on she goes on voyage with Aang to learn earthbending. She saves her companions several times from Fire benders with her healing and water bending abilities. It can be said that she an important soldier in Aang’s team.

Mae Whitman- Voice of Katara

Original Name- Mae Margaret Whitman

Birthday- June 9, 1988

Birth Place- Los Angeles, California.

Career- She is a voice actress along with being a movie and television actress. She began her career with a voice over in a commercial for Tyson Chicken. Her acting debut was at the age of four in When a Man Loves a Woman. But she became popular with her role in Independence Day movie as President’s daughter. She was also in famous TV series Friends in an episode as a guest star. Besides acting in movies and TV series, she has lent her voice to video games as well. Her recent film was Boogeyman and her recent TV roles were with Ghost whisperer and Law and Order- Special Victims Unit. Her famous voice project is with Avatar- The last Air Bender, where she is voicing for Katara. She is also known for her voice work in American Dragon- Jake Long.

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